Project Approach

Why should you use C&C? This is why.

C&C’s proven methodology for implementing business solutions, depicted below, spans the entire project lifecycle, from requirements analysis, through solution implementation and rollout support.  Utilizing Unified Process Principals, C&C utilizes an iterative development approach coupled with an incremental release schedule.   Iterative development is an approach in which the overall lifecycle is composed of several sequential iterations.  Each iteration is a self-contained mini-project composed of activities such as requirements analysis, design, programming and testing.

During our inception phase, we will confirm timeline and approach for each of the workload data stages.

Listed below are the three high-level phases that each of our implementation projects go through….



The purpose of the Inception Phase is to ensure that both parties have a thorough understanding of the project’s scope, objectives, and administration. In addition, a project plan will be developed and agreed upon.  The overall strategy is to provide you, our client, with services to establish and document functional requirements, associated design and testing strategy.


The Construction Phase focuses on activities required to install, implement, build and test the Solution, Infrastructure and Applications based upon requirements gathered during the Inception Phase.


The Transition Phase begins with formal User Acceptance Testing.  UAT allows a select group of users to test against your requirements for usability, visual accuracy, and process conformity.  Based on the results obtained during UAT, the solution is deployed to a production environment.