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Let’s us give your organization a Business Intelligence Jump Start!

A Proven, Agile Method to Simplify & Organize Data for Better Decision Making. Let us show you how to look down the rabbit hole of data aggregation, integration, and data mining without getting lost in the process. Its easier than you think!

Business Intelligence

We’re all drowning in data of some kind. In this day and age, its inevitable, you have numerous systems in place that you believe help you run your business. But have you every really analyzed the data captured? You may be surprised what you may find. Let us help you uncover that golden nugget of info that can put you over the top.

Mobile Solutions


Business Intelligence and Decision Management on the go. iPhone, Andriod, iPad – whatever your flavor is, we can deliver metrics far beyond the desktop and where you need them most, in realtime.

Systems Integration

In the data world – virtually nothing is impossible. You have useful data everywhere, make it speak to you in a unified voice. Its like ‘Data Pointillism’ – from up close it appears to be only dots, bits, bytes and number – but from a farther out view it paints a artful landscape of where your business is headed.



We are a Microsoft certified Business Online Productivity Services reseller. We have trained with Microsoft to make sure that when you turn to C&C we can deliver this incredible service to you quickly, securely, and with the professional touch that you expect from YOUR Microsoft partner of choice.

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